Jade Journal 1


Jade Journal 1


Jade Journal #1 is a 28-page community newspaper that features news articles, interviews, comics, photos, and reviews generated by 5th grade students from east Portland's Harrison Park Elementary School. The publication was assembled throughout the Fall 2014 term, led by Program Coordinator and artist Travis Neel, teacher Tim Schulze and support from Know Your City. 

The 12-week class was created to empower students by teaching them their local cultural history and a pride of place along with skills in research, journalism and design. Students participated in site visits to the community centers and businesses in Portland's Jade District, a neighborhood located along SE 82nd between Division Street and Powell Boulevard. Engaging with elders, owners, and civic leaders, the students gained insight into the sociological, economic, and civic history of the Jade District. Students also benefited from guest speakers from across disciplines to share with them the skills needed to provide content for Jade Journal #1, such as how to conduct research and interviews, photography, drawing, creative writing, local community activism, and policy-making. 

Harrison Park Elementary School and the surrounding SE 82nd Avenue community represent the largest multicultural diversity and economic disparity in the City of Portland. There are around 70 languages spoken at the school due to a large recent immigrant population who call this area in east Portland home. 88% of the students at Harrison Park qualify for free or reduced lunch. To represent these demographics, Jade Journal #1 is printed in three languages: English, Chinese and Spanish. Many stories written by the students explore the layers of a community with a diverse cultural identity and economic inequality.

Jade Journal #1 received support from the Oregon Arts Commission and Black United Fund of Oregon

Travis Neel
Lead Educator and Graphic Designer
Travis Neel is the program’s graphic designer and educator. He is the co-founder of the Portland-based artist collaborative Guestwork and has presented projects and publications at Portland Art Museum, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, Columbus Museum of Art and the Queens Museum. Travis holds a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and an MFA in Art and Social Practice from Portland State University. Travis previously worked with Know Your City to produce the first issue of Jade Journal. More information can be found on his website: http://guestwork.org/.

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