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Join us! For Know Your City's LGBTQ History Walking Tour, Pride Forever, with comedian/activist, Belinda Carroll and historian, Melissa Lang! Join us for an evening exploring over a century of action and resilience in the LGBTQ community.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • -19th Century Cross-Dressing
  • -1912 YMCA and 1913 Greek Scandals
  • -Vaseline Alley and the Pink Triangle
  • -Measure 9 and the fight against anti-gay legislation
  • -AIDS Epidemic (and how you can help!)
  • -Darcelle, the longest performing drag queen* Guinness Book of World Records


Star Theater Portland

13 Northwest 6th Avenue

Portland, OR 97209



Hidden History  of Albina

Know Your City presents the Hidden History of Albina tour! The Boise and Eliot neighborhoods in North Portland are rich in diverse history and culture, serving as the historic heart of Portland’s African American community. Over the past few decades, dramatic changes have altered the face of the region, something which can go easily unnoticed. This tour provides a great opportunity for visitors, and residents alike to reconnect with the roots of this community, from the history of the City of Albina, to the city Vanport and beyond.

Here are some of the historic locations that will be visited:

  • The only church in Portland where Martin Luther King Jr. preached, Vancouver Avenue Baptist Church
  • One of the few remaining black owned businesses on North Mississippi, Sons of Haiti Masonic Lodge
  • The historic headquarters of the Urban League of Portland
  • Dawson Park and the remnants of Albina’s City Hall building

Little Big Burger 3747 North Mississippi Avenue


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People’s History of Portland

Feature 3

A People's History of Portland" is a walking tour that highlights the lesser known stories of Portland’s immigrants, social activists, and working class heroes.

Before Portland was known for Portlandia, bikes and brews, the foundations of the city were built by immigrant laborers.This tour tells Portland’s story from the point of view of Chinese people, Japanese people, African American people, Jewish people, and the LGBT communities that are often left out of mainstream conversations about Portland.

Led by Know Your City's professional tour guide, a People’s History of Portland in an interactive exploration into the city you’ve heard so much about.

Tour Highlights:

  • Portland's "Old" and "New" Chinatowns
  • The site of Portland’s first African American community
  • "Nihonmachi," Portland’s Japantown
  • LGBT roots in Old Town
  • Jewish roots in Portland
  • Marie Equi in Portland and early Portland women’s history

Voodoo Doughnuts

22 SW 3rd

Portland, OR 97204



PDX 101

PDX 101 is a downtown walking tour that illustrates the origins of Portland and its journey to the present. While exploring downtown art, parks, buildings, and bridges, and important people, we cover the collective history of Portland: from pop culture to marginalized histories, including the thousands of Multnomah people native to the region and the lessons we have learned while transforming into a growing urban city. KYC's PDX101 tour stands out with our emphasis on native history, Portland’s unique style of urban planning, and influential social movements make up our past.

Conversations and destinations on the tour include:

- Ankeny Alley: Skidmore Fountain and Voodoo Doughnuts

- Downtown Waterfront: the buried Harbor Drive, the Willamette superfund site and big pipe project, Mill Ends Park

- The South Park Blocks: an incubating place for Portland’s social movements

- The Portlandia Statue and TriMet’s Bus Mall

Battleship Oregon Memorial

SW Natio Pkwy

Portland, OR 97204



Fresh Grounds Coffee

Local matters a lot in Portland’s business culture, especially when it comes to coffee. As a city well known for it’s coffee roasters and cafes, Portland has been a major player in the speciality coffee scene for decades. Fresh Grounds is a walking tour that explores this addicting industry with coffee innovators who are changing the way a cup is roasted, sold, and enjoyed. Along the way you’ll learn about the importance of vital community spaces, and the work being done towards achieving labor equity. Hear stories about the intersection of sneaker culture and snob free coffee. Experience the inner workings of nonprofit coffee; that seeks to make meaningful change in the way that coffee is experienced. All the while, sipping on some of Portland’s best coffee.

Our two-hour walking tour includes:

  • Deadstock Coffee
  • Sisters of the Road Cafe
  • P:ear
  • Central City Coffee

Sisters of the Road Cafe

133 Northwest 6th Avenue

Portland, OR 97209




Food Rights by Bike

**Tour starts at 1pm SHARP! Attendees are advised to get there by 12:45**

Portland, which is often lauded for our local and sustainable food culture, faces a public health crisis stemming from tens of thousands of residents who lack access to the affordable and healthy food options. Redlining by banks and retail outlets, the outmigration of jobs, and food deserts paint a stark reality for food access—and this issue is clearly exacerbated by racism and class discrimination.

Food Rights by Bike is a special tour that highlights the North Portland community through a lens of a different kind of foodie movement, one led by immigrants, people of color, and low-income Portlanders working towards an end to food injustice. Topics include gentrification, displacement, culturally responsive food gardens, and diverse food culture. You’ll have the chance to listen to speakers with first hand experience along the way, such as:

Likely tour sites:

Queen of Sheba

Sisters of the Road Food Garden

Portland Fruit Tree Project

Queen of Sheba

Sons of Haiti Lodge


Start at Sons of Haiti Food Cart Pod

3503-3505 North Mississippi Avenue 97227